• DMP website ~
  • CRA-W DMP website ~
  • Carnegie Mellon University

  • CMU Graphics ~
  • CMU Robotics ~
  • Motion Capture Lab ~
  • Housing

  • Craigslist ~
    A very good place to look for an apartment in Pittsburgh.

  • HousingMaps ~
    Craigslist-GoogleMaps combo site!

  • FrontListings ~
    Another place to look for a housing (generally, rent is more expensive than on craigslist)

  • The first weeks at Carnegie Mellon University ~
    A guide Written by a CMU PhD student for new students to help them settle into life in Pittsburgh
  • About Wii

  • What is Wii?
  • Official Wii website ~
  • A GNU/Linux port for the Wii ~
  • There are plenty of other websites that list applications (such as games), which use the wiimotes (hint: search YouTube to see fun videos of what people have done with the controllers ;-))