Quick Facts:

Name: Kharitonova Yekaterina
School: University of Hawaii at Hilo (UHH)
Major: Computer Science
Grade level: Incoming Junior
Graduation Date: May 2009
E-mail address: ykk [at] hawaii [dot] edu.

Kate - Picture


Welcome to my summer research page.
My name is Kate. I am an international student from Azerbaijan majoring in Computer Science at the University of Hawaii at Hilo (UHH). I believe that UHH has a great Computer Science program: our great professors make learning about bits and bytes a challenging yet fun and rewarding experience. I love my school in Hawaii: in addition to preparing me to become one of the best computer scientists, it also gives me a great opportunity to enjoy the Pacific Ocean. I love to swim and boogy board. I enjoy hiking and I am addicted to photography. Big Island is very beautiful and is a perfect place for me to combine my passions! I also love to cook: it is fun experimenting with new ethnic recipes.

This summer I am very fortunate to be a finalist of the Computing Research Association's (CRA's) Distributed Mentor Project (DMP). I will be working with Jessica Hodgins, a professor in the Computer Science and Robotics Department at Carnegie Mellon University. Her research is about Computer Animation, Humanoid Robotics and Human Robot Interaction.

Have fun browsing through the website and reading about my amazing summer experience!

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