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This page is for links to some resources related to my project that may be of interest. These will be updated as I progress in my research. Some papers cannot be posted because there are no online versions of them.


  • Botticelli: A Supply Chain Management Agent [pdf][ps]
  • A Stochastic Programming Approach to TAC SCM [pdf][ps]

Prior work on prediction:

  • Forecasting Market Prices in a Supply Chain Game [pdf] -- This is about Deep Maize's computer prices model.
  • Bidding for Customer Orders in TAC SCM: A Learning Approach [various formats] -- This is about TacTex's computer prices model in 2004.

LDSs, the Kalman filter, and EM:

  • From Hidden Markov Models to Linear Dynamical Systems [ps]
  • Parameter Estimation for Linear Dynamical Systems [pdf] -- This is about the expectation-maximization algorithm.

Support Vector Regression: