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A picture of me
Name: Shuo "Dawn" Chen
School: University of California, Berkeley
Expected graduation date: May 2008
Majors: Computer Science, Cognitive Science
Email: dawnchen (at) berkeley (dot) edu

At the time of writing, I have just finished my third year at UC Berkeley. I'm double-majoring in Computer Science and Cognitive Science, and I'm especially intrigued by the overlap between the two fields. I like to wonder about the implications of results in theoretical computer science on the mind and human experience, the algorithms and heuristics that the brain uses to solve (or approximately solve) NP-complete problems, the foundations of mathematics, and the nature of consciousness and reality. I am interested in applying what we know about the brain to improve artificial intelligence, and what we know about computation to constrain theories in cognitive science. However, I am wary of how much of our "knowledge" is humanly constructed, and the limits of using the mind to study itself. I am also attracted to the arts and enjoy creative writing, drawing, acting, and singing.