Initial Research Proposal
--the research plan as of june 13th--

Name:  Erica Bolan
Work Schedule: M-F, approx 9-5
Faculty Research Advisor:  Dr. Yoonsuck Choe
Graduate Research Advisor:  Huei-Fang Yang
Lab Location:  Bright 344
Research Topic:  Motor-based grounding of vision in a pan-tilt camera
Research Goals:  I plan to implement the Sensory-Invariance-Driven Action (SIDA) algorithm on a Logitech Orbit webcam. I will apply SIDA to the data gathered by the camera in such a way that given the current "sensory state" of the camera, the external state of the world can be predicted or derived. My research will focus on very simple environments for the camera, which will hopefully serve as a basis for future expansion to more complicated environments. Essentially, I will be attempting to demosntrate some of the future possibilities of an already-developed AI algorithm, using a commercial webcam as an agent.
(1) Complete background research/reading on AI, autonomous agents, neural networks, and SIDA.
(2) Create a simple environment for the camera to interact with; determine how to represent this environment computationally.
(3) Determine how to represent the camera's current state so as to most closely mimic sensory states/neural spikes.
(4) Code the SIDA algorithm in C++.
(5) Train and test the neural network.
(6) Analyze, classify, and report the results.
Paper commentary--6/9/06
Research plan--6/14/06
Convolution filters--6/28/06
SIDA code--7/12/06
Research abstract--7/18/06
Research journal--8/11/06
Final results, paper, web page--8/11/06
Signed:  Erica Bolan, Yoonsuck Choe, 6/13/06