Jin Hu







Brief Biography

I was born in Jinan, China on National Day, where China celebrates its current government founded by the famous Chinese leader Chairman Mao. While growing up in the motherland, I constantly switched between the two cities Jinan and Qingdao before making the life-changing journey to the United States.

My first destination was Lansing, Michigan, where my parents both attended Michigan State University in pursuit of post-bachelor degrees. When I arrived, I immediately was enrolled in first grade at Red Cedar Elementary School. Not knowing a lick of English, I was put in an ESL (English is a Second Language) class. Fortunately, I learned English quickly, and by the end of second grade, I knew enough English to attend the same classes as my native English-speaking peers.

My time in Lansing was cut short when my parents graduated and moved to Fort Collins, Colorado. I did some school hopping by spending first part of third grade at Beaver Elementary and the latter part along with fourth grade at Moore Elementary. I enjoyed my time at Colorado, as I spent a good amount of time with the people around my neighborhood. I learned several important life skills there, including how to ride a bicycle. I finally settled down at Johnston, Iowa, where I went to the Johnston Community Schools for both middle and high school (plus an additional 6 days of elementary). During my time here, I have made countless memorable experiences and have developed lifelong friendships with the people that I grew up with.

Currently, I am a rising senior at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, double majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering with plans for graduation in June 2006. I very much enjoy my time here, as Northwestern has a lot to offer, both socially and academically. Although I keep myself busy throughout the school year, I always find time to relax and have some fun.


So, how do I spend all my free time? Here are a few things that I like. Sometimes I wonder how work gets done in the first place...

Final Fantasy

Many people have heard of the Squaresoft/Square-Enix Final Fantasy. Although I do not claim to be the world's biggest fan, I am most certainly devoted to the series. I started with the popular game Final Fantasy VII and immediately was hooked. From then on, I have spent (seemingly) countless hours playing the following games as well as its predecessors. As an avid fan, I have a collection of the series (and most other Square games) and plan to post the list at a later date. My favorite games thus far have been Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy Tactics.

Currently, I am eagerly awaiting the US release of the much anticipated sequel to Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy Advent Children, coming on DVD sometime in late 2005. This movie looks beautiful. Square's official site is pretty good to see the trailers.


My first crossword was painful and made my head hurt. Five years later, I do crosswords like an addict. My favorite crosswords to do are the New York Times (NYT) ones, as they are edited by the talented Will Shortz and have the best themes. These crosswords increase in difficulty as the week goes on: Monday is the easiest, progressing up to Saturday, which is arguably the toughest one by a long shot. Sundays are special, as they're bigger and slightly easier in difficulty than a Friday or Saturday. Currently, I am able to finish Tuesday crosswords regularly and can do most of Wednesday's on my own. There are some good crossword sites that offer daily free ones, including Yahoo! Games and of course, NYT. Do not be fooled by imitation crosswords!

Bridge (The Card Game)

I first encountered bridge when I was in high school. Every time I did the crossword, the bridge column would always be right next to it. I always wondered how one card game could be so interesting that they could publish a daily column on it and make money, so I decided to learn how to play the game.

At Northwestern, I am part of the Northwestern Bridge Club. If you're interested, we meet every Sunday night at 7pm at Norris and go until whenever. I first joined the club as a sophomore, when I finally gave into my addiction. In addition, I go about once a week to The Bridge Center on Sheridan to play duplicate bridge. I have also been to Lake Geneva and played Swiss in a few tournaments. Nationally, I am an active ACBL member with about 10 masterpoints.

2005 Jin Hu