Jin Hu







1 Distributed Mentors Program

The program that made this all possible. It's a very good program to apply to, so be ready for next year!

2 Xilinx Support

As I'm working with FPGAs, this is probably one of my most used sites to figure out how to use the software.

3 Professor Eli's Homepage

My mentor's homepage. She did her Master's at Northwestern (r00t) and her PhD at UCLA.

4 Love's Homepage

The graduate student that I work with throughout the summer. He graduated from IIT Delhi and is currently a MS/PhD student.

5 Richa's Homepage

The other intern who is also spending her summer doing research. She's originally from India and attends University of Mass. Amherst.

6 Northwestern University

My school's website. It's nice there and the site's pretty well-kept. The campus is gorgeous so feel free to look around.

7 My Homepage

My main homepage. Feel free to find out more about me.

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