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August 01, 2005 - August 07, 2005





Monday August 01, 2005

Today I met with Professor Eli and we talked about the module + wrapper combinations. She mentioned that Richa is doing a similar project but it turns out that her wrappers go around the entire module while mine only are separate and moveable. She also mentioned that the mid-quarter presentations will be next Wednesday, so I will have some preparing to do before then.

Tuesday August 02, 2005

I started to work on the slides for the presentation next Wednesday. Professor Eli said that I should have the first part of the slides done (intro, motivation, description, etc) done and we'll talk about it tomorrow. Getting it together is difficult, as I didn't think FPGAs were a very visual topic.

Wednesday August 03, 2005

I met with Professor Eli today and we talked about the slides. She said that I really should have a good flow through my slides - like they should tell a (interesting) story. So, I will revise my current slides based on what we talked about. She also said that I should have the content slides ready for tomorrow when we meet.

Thursday August 04, 2005

When I met with Professor Eli today, we talked about how the slides should look and what else was appropriate. She told me to give at least an almost-finished version of the slides for the next meeting at 11:30. She also mentioned that I can do a practice run of the presentation on Monday in front of her and she'll give some overall presentation tips. I didn't realize that it was Thursday today. I had thought for some reason that it was Wednesday and was quite curious earlier why she had been so insistent about meeting tomorrow (if need be) at 5pm.

Friday August 05, 2005

I finished up the bare bones of my slides and showed them to Professor Eli this morning. Afterwards, I attended André's oral defense of his research. It was very interesting to listen to. André was very well prepared and his slides and manner of that he spoke showed that he had practiced for quite some time.

Weekend August 06-07, 2005

I fixed up some of my slides and will practice on my presentation later this evening. I did not like Excel's plots of my data so I changed them to something else.

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