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July 04, 2005 - July 10, 2005





Monday July 04, 2005

4th of July! Which means, day off from office! Too bad no fireworks this year, though.

Tuesday July 05, 2005

First day of work back from a nice 3 day weekend. Today, I continued with my syntheses, except I moved onto adders. I actually had a small realization that last week, I was doing the syntheses in the wrong order. Love didn't give me a particular order to do them in, but I remembered the task manager problem from algorithms and realized that I should have started with adders first (proven that a list of n tasks needs the least amount of time if done in the order of increasing time). I was so proud that I actually applied what I learned...in algorithms, no less!!

Wednesday July 06, 2005

I finished up the syntheses on the multipliers (along with the adders) and started and finished the dividers. Professor Eli emailed and I am meeting her at 9:30. I felt then somewhat obligated to finish and turn in my data to Love. Since I'm meeting her on Friday morning, Love probably should have the data in his hands by Thursday before he goes home. I told him I'd write him up a nicer version than my excel sheet, as that was mainly for me. Thus, I will work on the report tonight and finish it tomorrow morning.

Thursday July 07, 2005

I worked the entire morning straight on that report to Love. I can't believe I didn't move from my chair for 4 hours straight. Well, at least it's done. I turned it into Love after coming back from lunch and giving it a last look-through. After giving him my data, I talked to him about what to do next. He suggested that I start working on the merged modules, in particular start with the MAC (multiplier + adder). He showed me some sample code on how to string the output of one module to the input of another and then set me loose.

Friday July 08, 2005

I started to make an Appendix to the report that I gave Love, as I felt that I probably should have mentioned in more detail what settings and such I used for my syntheses. That's still a work in progress and probably won't be done for a while, as there are more pressing matters to attend to. The website is much tougher than I thought it would be. It's taking me an EXTREMELY long time to put everything together. I emailed the professor saying that it'll be up within the next few days. Let's hope that that comes true. For the rest of the day, I ran a couple sets of MACs syntheses.

Weekend July 09-10, 2005

This weekend was website fury. So much time in front of my computer just typing. I'm eternally grateful to Sasha who found me a linux box to log into. Otherwise, I don't know what I would have done about coding up all these pages. Unix is fine, but Linux is SO much better. Most of the pages are up, just missing some journal pages and most of the front pages. They should be finished by Monday night, latest Tuesday day.

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