DMP 2003: Mary Brooks

Through the Distributed Mentor Program of the Computing Research Association, I am researching hexagonal metamorphic robots. A metamorphic robot is made up of smaller robots (or modules) that can move individually to change the shape of the whole robot. We are developing distributed algorithms to reconfigure the system. Metamorphic robots are also known as reconfigurable robots.

We are researching at Texas A&M in College Station, TX. My mentor is Dr. Walter from Vassar College.

The navigation bar to the side is a metamorphic robot.

Research: Explanation of metamorphic robots, what we are proving, and screen shots from our simulation.
Mary: Who I am.
Journal: Weekly journal about my research.
Jenny: Information about my mentor.
Report: Final report of the project.
Misc..: Information about College Station and my extracurricular activities.

Fourth of July in Austin
Weekend in Dallas

Summary of my summer

I learned
- how to use LaTeX (a word processor that uses tags similar to html).
- how to use vi, emacs, and gvim (word processors).
- how to use xfig to make figures.
- how to write a technical paper.
- more about Linux.
- about fellowships and admissions to graduate school.
- how to develop and improve my own algorithms.
- about writing proofs.

I got exposure to journal and conference papers.
I got to study robots!
I hung out in the lab with the graduate students and learned about their projects.
I got to talk to three CS undergraduates from three different universities.
I ate at College Station restaurants like Free Birds and Pho Johns.
I got to go to Ausin with two other girls from the DMP.
I began to really enjoy going out for coffee.
I made friendships with really cool people. :)
I got to meet with Jenny Walter every day.