I left late Friday afternoon to visit my family in Dallas. Downtown Dallas is only about two and a half hours from here, and my house, which is as far away from here you can go and still be in Dallas, is three hours away.

Friday evening, my parents, one of my sisters, my boyfriend, and I went to Lake Lavon to barbecue and swim. Actually, I was the only one who thought it was a good idea to swim in the lake, but I convinced my sister, Amy, to bring her suit just in case.

The barbecue was great -- I love grilled hot dogs. My parents supervised the food and posed haphazardly for a photo.

Meanwhile, we took pictures of boats that aren't ours.

After enjoying hot dogs, hamburgers, and cold baked beans, we roasted marshmallows! We even had graham crackers and Hershey's chocolate ready to make some smores.
This is my mom and Amy reluctantly posing for a picture.

This is me and JC, my boyfriend, laughing as Dad kept walking closer towards us with the camera.

I tricked Amy into going swimming with me. The bottom of the lake was so slippery we kept falling into the water as we walked around. The batteries in the camera died, so I don't have any embarrassing pictures of us flailing about in the lake.

Saturday at the Museums

Saturday afternoon, my parents took JC and me to some museums in Dallas. First we went to the Trammell and Margaret Crow Collection of Asian Art. The building is beautiful, especially the woodwork, and they had some very intricately carved pieces of art. They had a plate that was taller than I am and a spectacular screen carved out of a dark wood and jade.

Then we went to the Dallas Museum of Art. We saw the Renoir and Algeria exhibit. It made me want to go to Algeria and paint rich people with birds. We also saw the Maureen Gallace exhibit. Most of those were minimalist paintings of houses, but there was a striking painting of trees during a storm.

Sunday driving and the Russell Stover Outlet

Sunday afternoon, I drove back to A&M and stopped on the way back at the Russell Stover Outlet! I'm a sucker for chocolate. I bought some very tasty, expired chocolate at great discount prices! :)

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