Mary Brooks

I attend the University of Oklahoma in Norman, Oklahoma where I am a student of the College of Engineering and the Honors College. I will be graduating May 2004 with a Computer Science major and Mathematics minor.

I graduated from Plano Senior High School in May 2000. I grew up in Dallas near Plano.

My father is a self-employed architect, and my mother worked as a curator at a Dallas museum before coming to work with my dad.

Last summer, I worked for Tinker Air Force base as a programmer. I designed a program for plane inspectors to run on an iPAQ, Compaq's PDA. The program communicated wirelessly with several databases to control product orders and work orders and to update plane information.

Spring 2003, I started participating in a research project on cryptography with Dr. Shankar, a Math professor at OU. The project is supported by the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program. We are planning on continuing the research through Fall 2003 and into Spring 2004. So far, we have covered some basic number theory necessary for understanding cryptography and a few of the most important ciphers, including RSA. In Fall 2003, we plan to research the Cayley-Purser Algorithm to learn its strengths and how it can fail. If time permits, we will each develop a new cipher and test its integrity.

You can view my full resume here.

If you want, you can see a list of my interests and hobbies here.

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