Life Outside the Lab

Most of my extra time was spent on the sand volleyball court just outside the dorm. I bought a new volleyball at the beginning of the summer and it had lost its white color long before its first week. Thankfully, Noor, the other DMP student I am working with, was as much of a volleyball fanatic as I am. We met a lot of people from different sports programs and other REUs. On one occasion we had representatives from eleven programs and five countries. We even got our grad student, Tim, to come out on the last night of volleyball.

When we were not playing volleyball Noor and I would also go out and explore the rest of Minneapolis. Minneapolis has a wonderful parks system with two Shakespeare companies and other performances held in the local parks. We attended Twelfth NIght and A Midnight Summer's Dream in addition to watching an inpromptu troupe perform on Sunday afternoons at on of the lakes. The park system is also connected by bike trails which I used almost daily when I got a mountain bike.

Our best outing was a trip to the North Shore of Lake Superior on the last weekend. Noor and I were on the road by 5:00 in the morning on our quest to go kayaking on Lake Superior. I was also able to drive, having learned how to drive a stickshift earlier in the summer. We took the scenic route and stopped everytime we passed something interesting. We eventually found a place to rent kayaks and unknowingly ended up going ten miles! Needless to say we were exhausted after getting back at 11:30 that night. We had a *great* time and we were able to get a real taste of Minnesota!

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