This fall I will be entering my senior year at Rockhurst University, where I am majoring in Computer Science and Mathematics and minoring in Theology.

Outside of school I enjoy playing volleyball (as seen in my "life outside the lab" page), hiking, and mountain biking with the bike I got after coming to Minnesota.

Every once in a while I visit my parents and younger brother at home in Papillion, Nebraska, just south of Omaha.

Vicki was my mentor this summer. She is a professor in the computer science department at the University of Minnesota and she specializes in graphics. I worked on two of her continuing projects: visualizing hairpin vortices in turbulence and texture morphing. Dr. Victoria Interrante

Tim Urness

Tim was the grad student I worked with on the visualization project. He wrote the initial version of the code I expanded.

Someday Tim will be a great professor, especially with all his *very* funny jokes. He is also a great volleyball player!

Haleh is a PhD student working on texture morphing for her dissertation. I worked with Haleh a couple weeks and had a great time trying to come up with ideas for her project. Haleh was very patient and answered a bunch of my questions when I started looking into her project. Haleh Hagh-Shenas

Noor Martin

Noor is an undergraduate going into her senior year at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. She was paired with me to work with Vicki for the summer.

Noor and I had a great time checking out Minneapolis and working on the visualization project together. She would also keep me awake in the lab by starting interesting habits such as unplugging my headset and sneaking up behind and pushing the lever on my chair to lower it. Of course, I wouldn't plead innocence either...

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