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Finding fun things to do in Texas requires having a car to go places in. If it hadn't been for knowing a few people with cars, I would have been out of my mind with boredom. My roommate, Audra, and my fellow DMP mentoree, Beth, were both very kind in taking me places with them.

Weekend 1
Jet skiing and boating on Lake Conroe was the sport for the weekend.

Weekend 2
Houston Space Center here we come.

Weekend 3
Ya gotta take a break some time.

Weekend 4
Studying martial arts for four days straight can take a lot out of you.

Weekend 5
The Galleria in Houston is a great place to spend the afternoon.

Weekend 6
Seeing eastern Texas was quite an experience. There are actually hills there.

Weekend 7
Can't forget to see northwestern Texas. It is great to go someplace where it actually cools off at night.

Weekend 8
Haunting the mall and finding a store with all kinds of swords meant that I end up purchasing a practice sword.

Weekend 9
Visiting friends in Dallas was a relaxing way to spend my final weekend.

Houston Space Center

Outside the Space Center security was tight.

Beth playing in the foam play area.

Myself pretending to be Pres. Kennedy.

How'd ya like to go to the moon in this?

Kung Fu Weekend

Hu's Martial Arts is located smack in the middle of china town in Houston.
I spent four days here training with Master Hu and his local students.
(I have been studying with one of Master Hu's students in Bozeman, and
met Master Hu when he came to Montana to do a workshop for us.)

Quite the impressive sword rack!

Frank, Master Hu, Myself, Bill

East Texas

Misc. Fun

Broadway in Houston.

Joyce, Angie, Wayne, Audra

Andrew, Afshin, Douglas, Carmen

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