The trip started in Denver, CO at Supercomputing 2001. While I, Bonnie Kirkpatrick, was working at the conference, I met a fellow computer science undergraduate, Jean, who told me all about her experience in the Distributed Mentor Program the previous summer. Knowing that I wanted to spend my summer doing research somewhere outside of Montana, I decided to apply for a DMP grant. In early March I received notice that I was accepted to do research with Dr. Nancy Amato at Texas A&M University (pictured at right). With some trepidation about the horrors of the humidity and heat, I agreed to spend 10 weeks of my summer in College Station, Texas.

These pages contain a summary of my research and the diversions that occupied the rest of my time. I can say without reservation that this was a fabulous experience. Every female computer science undergraduate should apply for the Distributed Mentor Project or for another research program. The experience truly is invaluable.

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