A Summer in Vancouver

Heya, if you made it here, congratulations..My name's Laura Slaybaugh, I go to a small college named Rose-Hulman, and this summer (2001) I'm doing research in DNA computing at University of British Columbia. What I hope to do here is introduce myself, and tell ya a bit about the summer I spent doing research through the CRA Distributed Mentor Program.

So, I guess I'll divide this up a bit: The first section is just about the general program, then I've got some info on me personally, the summer journal I have there really goes into what I spent my time doing. It's I think been the most enjoyable part of the website to keep up to date. In the research part, I've got a quick overview of my research and a weekly-ish report on what I've been doing, the good stuff and the frustrating parts of the research. Then I've got a bit about the Vancouver area in general, and finally, links that wanted to get to easily.