Hello, my name is Sandy Roberts. For more information than that, click on my name at the bottom. My homepage is under extreme construction and probably will be until the sun falls on me ;)

This summer I am at the University of Oregon to do research with Professor Jan Cuny. For more information on her, I suggest her webpage. Hers is actually informative.

The summer was funded by CRA-W (see link below) through the Distributed Mentor Program (see link below). In essence, they fund undergraduate women interested in computer related areas to have a summer at a higher education institute (university) so they can decide whether grad school is the right decision for them. And so they can learn what to expect if they already knew grad school was the choice for them.

Me, I was kinda iffy on the whole thing. School is fun and all, but ten more years seemed like a grand part of my life to be spending in classrooms. However, (and this is the end of the summer) I have decided that I like research. I like the grad school environment. More of a job, where you set your hours, work really hard, but since you chose the subject, you usually love it and it is fun.

My only choice now is whether or not to take a couple of years off school -- in the interest of not getting burned out from too much of it.

Have fun exploring the webpage -- if you are visiting Eugene, OR (where the U of O resides) check out the visit journal. Some cool places to go in there :)

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