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-Julie Farago-

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About Me

I am a computer science concentrator going into my third year at Harvard University. Over the past year I became interested in artificial intelligence and, as luck would have it, have been able to work with Professor Amy Greenwald of Brown University while further exploring the field. Infact, I find that all the different fields of computer science excite and intrigue me. Computer science can often be like poetry of sculpture, in that it allows for freedom of thought and ideas, and results in amazing creations. Granted, some may say that cs is closer to math or science, seeing as it has applications and origins in both, but I think that the true genius of computer science, and I suppose any field, comes from the creativity needed to propell it forward. I aspire to be a source of that creativity.

Though I love computer science, I also have many interests outside of it. To begin, I love sports. Hiking, running, frisbee, and soccer, rank among my favorites, but I am always up for a pickup game of any sort. I also love to read. I know this sounds dorky, but hey, you gotta go with what you like. While at school my work load generally prevents me from pleasure reading, but as soon as my last final is over I head to the book store, pick a couple of novels off the shelf, and disapeer into the stories. My favorite book, far and away, is Catch 22 by Joseph Heller.

At Harvard I am involved with a peer counseling group, a mentoring program, and my dorm/house committee. Additionally, I am a teaching fellow for a couple of computer science classes. Though it's true that there have been weeks when the total hours I've slept could be counted on two hands, I enjoy the insanity. As long as I have friends to fall back on, and interesting material to learn, I will be happy.

And I guess that's me. It's brief and informal, I know, but that's me in three paragraphs.