The CRA Distributed Mentor Project '01

-Julie Farago-

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The CRA program is fantastic. I very strongly recommend that any women even thinking about doing research apply. Not only did the program show me what grad school might entail if I were to chose that route after college, but also, on a higher level, what it takes to have an idea and follow it to completion.

Working with professor Greenwald allowed me to be creative in a way few outside the field of computer science have an understanding for. We would go to a problem together and brainstorm, as equals, ways to solve that problem. Working with Amy taught me that research involves both constructing a solution and, at times, reconstructing the problem.

If all the mentors in the program are like professor Greenwald, as I presume they are, then any student involved should consider themselves extremely lucky. In college I rarely get the opportunity to work one on one with a professor and even more rarely get to interchange ideas with them on an equal level. CRA makes this connection possible.

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