s Linh Tran

My Mentor

Justine Cassell is a professor at Human-Computer Interaction Institute, Carnegie Mellon University. She is Associate Dean for Technology Strategy and Impact in the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University, and Co-Director of the Simon Initiative. She is Director Emerita of the Human-Computer Interaction Institute, also in the School of Computer Science at CMU. She specializes in in Enabling Technologies, Learning Sciences, and Technologies Social Computing.

At the Articulab, I will work closely with a doctoral student, Samantha Finkelstein who runs the Alex project about technology and culture at Carnegie Mellon. Her interests are in education, collaborative learning, rapport, and virtual agents.

Articulab's Mission is to study human interaction in social and cultural contexts as the input into computational systems that in turn help us to better understand human interaction, and to improve and support human capabilities in areas that really matter.

justine@cs.cmu.edu (Dr. Cassell)
slfink@cs.cmu.edu (Samantha)

http://www.justinecassell.com/(Dr. Cassell)