Perception of Distance in Virtual Reality

An Archive of a Research Project conducted In the University of Minnesota In Summer 2014 Under CRA-W's DREU program

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Who Am I?

I am Beza Moges. I am a junior Computer Science student at Berea College in Berea, KY expecting to graduate in 2016. I am originally from Ethiopia and have come to the States mainly to experience something new and to explore and learn more about my favorite field of science, which is Computer Graphics.

My first ever experience with Computer Graphics was obviously watching cartoons. I was impressed by the possibility of accurately displaying whatever it is we are imagining with out being hindered by the constraints of the real world. At that time, I did not have any knowledge of other fields of graphics and their use apart from film making, but since I am the day-dreaming and imaginative type, I thought it would be fun to be involved in something which brings life to those badly cast fictional characters just the way I imagined them initially. What a drive, eh?

I heard about DREU from my adviser Dr. Jan Pearce. Consequently, DREU gave me the opportunity to work on a research project about Immersive Virtual Environments with Professor Victoria Interannte, fellow DREUer Grace Chen and PhD candidate Peng Liu. I have heard about IVEs before but I do not have a deep knowledge about how they work. So, I am hoping this will be an opportunity to widen my perception of Computer Graphics. Moreover, I will get to learn some cool game engines and animation software which is a bonus I will take as part of my creative blunders.

Contact Info:

Beza Moges

101 Chestnut St.

CPO 986, Berea, KY 40404