Perception of Distance in Virtual Reality

An Archive of a Research Project conducted In the University of Minnesota In Summer 2014 Under CRA-W's DREU program

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While not reaserching?

Weekend One

The Mall of America

On Saturday, I went to the Mall of America with fellow DREUers, and we pretty much spent the whole day there. It was an amazing place whose enormity and diversity overwhelmed me.The best place in the Mall for me was the Barnes and Noble. In the end, I realized that I can literally live in a Barnes and Noble for the rest of my life and have no regrets at all!

Wilson Library

On Sunday, I went to Wilson Library which is located on the West side of the campus. On my way, I crossed the Mississippi river and the view was extraordinary. The library had multiple floors and a large amount of resources. I didn't particularly look for a particular book, but I have seen many valuable pieces when I was just walking around the shelves which kind of looked liked a maze.

Weekend Two

On Saturday, I took bus number 6 to the Sculpture Garden, whose better part was fenced because of construction. But the part that remained was nice by itself. It had a few sculptures placed randomly here and there and a beautiful passage fenced by a net of wires which kind of looks like a garden in a fairly tale.

Later on, I crossed the road to see Loring Park which was bigger and with a small lake inside it. It had a bridge and benches all around it. I read for a while and took plenty of pictures from both parks. Taking my own pictures using the self-timer was a challenge, but a fun challenge :)

My Saturday wondering also included a visit to America's first Catholic Basilica, St. Mary's Basilica. After taking multiple pictures of the impressive building, I entered and there was a wedding going on in the Chapel. It was a nice view.

Weekend Three

This weekend, I went to downtown Minneapolis and visited the central library and Barnes and Noble store. Books make me happy. Enough said.

Weekend Four

Stone Arch Bridge

This one was a long weekend since Fourth of July fell on a Friday. So, on Friday I spent most of the day on the Stone Arch Bridge with a casual visit during the day and watching fireworks during the night. The bridge is pretty impressive and well suited for a stroll or a run or any such kind of amusement. I will probably come back to it I guess. I also stopped by the Gold Medal Park which lies on one side of the the bridge.The Fireworks were also beautiful, and the first time I was that close to one.

Lake Calhoun

Saturday was a lake Calhoun day. Grace and I walked to the lake in the morning, which apparently was not a thought-through idea since we ended up being dead tired by the time we got there. But still, it was a beautiful and wide lake with boats floating on it everywhere. There were also a lot of children playing on the beach which was a beautiful thing watch.