Perception of Distance in Virtual Reality

An Archive of a Research Project conducted In the University of Minnesota In Summer 2014 Under CRA-W's DREU program

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Week Nine

This one was the last week. We made some final modifications on the VR environment concerning the target placement and also a few trials with professor Interrante.

As the week began, we were planning to have trial experiments on ourselves as early as we could. However, on Monday, Professor Interrante mentioned a possible modification on the Project's target placement that instead of having it place the target at random distances it would be better to have it show up at pre-determined set of distances for the sake of uniformity among participants.

For the rest of the week, I worked on my final report examining future working and compiling more data about out research. On Friday, we had lunch with professor Interrante and Peng and ran some trials in the afternoon. The VR turned out to be working well with only a few more adjustments that Peng will be a ble to do.