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DREU Summer 2011

My Summer in Albuquerque

Week 9: July 25 - July 29

This week, I was finally able to use Vizmo to view multiple robots. Although at the beginning of the week it was only working for 2 robots, that problem was solved, and now Vizmo works for an arbitrary number of robots. Andrea and I learned how to use Maya, an animation and visual effects software, and began to model the proteins using Maya. We figured out that by using a protein viewer, Chimera, we were able to import the protein into Maya, and will be using this to make better models of the protein. After importing the proteins into Maya, I was able to view them in Vizmo, although because of the complexity of the structures, it takes Vizmo a fairly long time to load. Next week we will continue to model the proteins using boxes, so that Vizmo will hopefully be able to work faster. I began working on creating a path file for the robots, and hopefully I will be able to test that at the beginning of next week. I also spent some quality time working on my paper, and am confident that it will be finished by next week. On Wednesday, we went to a presentation on analyzing immune cell migration. I thought it was very interesting, especially because in the presentation, everything was modeled on a computer, which is similar to what I have been working on this summer. Our Thursday meeting was about making technical presentations, and I thought it was very useful, especially since I am not very good at making presentations.

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