DREU Summer 2011

My Summer in Albuquerque

Week 8: July 18 - July 22

This week, I worked some more on the code for multiple rigid bodies. After working on the code all week, I made a breakthrough on Friday, and can now make the code work for 10 robots. The code may work for more than 10 robots, but 10 was the largest number of robots I attempted to use. I also changed the way the roadmap is output, with 0's being placed where degrees of freedom that are not being used would be located. I checked the map file that was output, and all of the values were within the reasonable ranges. I also continued to work on my paper, adding more graphs and images, as well as adding to the related work, parameter study, and ligand-receptor binding. I also worked on my website, which I hadn't updated in a few weeks. Finally, I measured the different linkages of the proteins that the med school is researching. The next step is to begin to build boxes according to the measurements I took, which I plan to start on Monday. On Thursday, we had our weekly meeting, and Andrea and I both presented about our projects this summer.

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