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DREU Summer 2011

My Summer in Albuquerque

Week 10: August 1 - August 5

Unbelievably, this was my last week here in Albuquerque! It was a very busy week, full of finishing up projects and packing. I spent most of my week working on my paper, trying to get it all finished up before I had to leave for Arizona. I also began creating Read-Me's so that after I left, someone else would be able to pick up where I left off. Andrea and I finished creating all of the models for the ligands and the receptors, and began mapping them using Vizmo. I also created paths for the roadmaps, which shows each robot at every node generation. On Thursday, we had our weekly meeting. This week's topic was about life after graduate school. We heard from a professor as well as two people who work in industry. It was great to hear about all of my options after grad school, but it was also a little scary to think about, since I won't be done with graduate school for a while! On Friday, everyone in the lab went out to lunch to celebrate the end of Andrea and my time in Albuquerque. We had authentic New Mexican food, and it was super tasty. Saturday was spent moving out of the on campus apartment and driving 7 hours to return to the Valley of the Sun. I still can't believe 10 weeks flew by so quickly, and I definitely had a fantastic summer in Albuquerque!

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