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DREU Summer 2011

My Summer in Albuquerque

Week 7: July 11 - July 15

This week, I finally got the code for multiple rigid bodies to work for two robots. On Monday, I had a lot of trouble with the code, and found myself in one of the infinite loops I had fixed last week, but by Tuesday, the code was working. I plan to view the roadmap it makes next week, and hopefully the roadmap is correct. It was extremely exciting, and I'm glad I finally figured out what was wrong. I then started to change the code so that the code will work for more than two robots. I have not managed to get it working yet, but I have been making progress, and hope to get it working sometime next week. On Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, I worked from Arizona. I mostly focused on my paper, and getting some of the methods section and related works section done. Next week, I hope to get some more of the methods section of my paper done.

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