Lorraine's DREU of 2011 - Research
Final Report

Research Project and Goals

My goal this summer was to improve upon the first iteration of the Virtual Pediatric Patient System (VPPS). The VPPS is a student nurse training program that Clemson students built in the summer of 2011. The first iteration consists of a scenario on a 2D screen: a mother and a child in a pediatric room are visible on the screen. Student nurses can interact with the digital characters using a microphone and headset. The simulation did not appear realistic enough to all of the faculty nurses in the first usability study.

This is where I came in. Specifically, my goals were to create a new pediatric room, create new character models, and create more realistic animations for the characters.

On the way to completing the second iteration, I would also:

  • Learn to use Unity
  • Learn modeling in Blender
  • Learn animation in Blender