Lorraine's DREU of 2011 - Gallery
Final Report



My research experience took place from June 6, 2011 to July 30, 2011. Prior to this time, besides dabbling in making and modifying prims in Second Life, I had no experience in digital modeling or animation. Although I originally thought two months was not enough time to get a good grasp on 3D modeling and animation, Dr. Hodges and Toni began giving me tutorials to read, and by the end of June I had enough experience to model and animate without the tutorials!

My first draft of the pediatric room was pirate themed.

I read several PDF Blender tutorials and modeled these objects.

I made a train!

Now that I had learned the basics of modeling, the next step was to learn animation. It was only fitting to pick my 3D mascot, Tazzle the Thylacine, to become the first character I've ever modeled and animated. I created Tazzle with the help of this character animation tutorial.


I changed the room's theme to a jungle because it was more gender-neutral. Making cameos are Tazzle on the right and a tiger for Clemson University on the left.

Sarah and Mrs. Jones in the room!

I present my Poster on Competition Day.

Other Events

I had all sorts of neat adventures outside of research!

During the DREU, I stayed at Lightsey Bridge Apartments on Clemson's campus.

Tokyo steakhouse is the place to go for sushi!

Roxandy Scarface Nimbus 2000 (Roxandy for short) was a stray my Virtual Environment peers and I befriended during our summer stay. At one point Sarah Vitak painted a pink pop-tart design onto a cereal box, and we all watched this cat walk around casually with a jumbo "pop tart" on his back. =)

A typical day for the Clemson Virtual Environments group...

Often ends up in Nerf Gun Wars!

William Hill watches Zach Joyce climb a tree.

I "modded" my nerf gun to be pink, studded with gems, and just plain awesome. You can read the story behind it as well as a tutorial its creation at my personal website.

And Now a Short Section for the Fireworks

The fourth of July!

I had a great idea...

It works! I am a rock star!

Aaand John Ingram photobombs it.

Photoshop by William Hill.

I join in the fun at a street performance.

More images of the Clemson Virtual Environments Group's summer activities of 2011 can be found at Clemson's REU website.