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    name: Miguel Cazares
    home university: Texas State University
    expected graduation: December 2011
    hometown: Del Rio, TX
    major: Computer Science
    minor: Math
    email: mc1512 [at] txstate [dot] edu

    About me

    I will start with my major and interests relating to Computer Science (I will use the common abbreviation CS). I have always enjoyed the challenge of programming and thinking about programs - in other words, CS. But, it took me a long time to find my passion in CS. Luckily, I have recently found out (after taking the elective) that the subfield of Computer Networks is fascinating to me. And, as you will learn, right now I am almost positive that my passion in CS includes this subfield. But, I suspect that I might need to find a CS companion for that subfield. More on that later.

    Outside of CS stuff, I love swimming, running around town, and riding my bike everywhere.
    I like to play play bass, guitar, and also played Guitarrón for about 8 years. About 3 of those years were in the Mariachi at Texas State University (Mariachi Nueva Generación). Oh and by the way, Texas State University is in San Marcos, Texas. Lastly, for fun I enjoy video games, especially RPGs. Hey, fitting stereotypes can be fun!

    In the classroom setting, I am usually a very reserved and quiet person. But, when not in class, I tend to be pretty talkative and outgoing. I am trying to work on the quietness in classes, though I'm not sure if it's really a bad thing :). To find out more about how I am in an academic setting outside of the classroom (i.e. research setting), you can probably get a way better picture of that from reading my weekly journal here which chronicles my ten week summer research experience at Colorado State University.

    Concerning my immediate and personal support structure, I spend some of my happiest times with my fiance
    é Lucy (soon-to-be wife, find out more in my weekly journal) and our two dogs Zia and Pixie. The "puppies" as we call them are a husky-shepherd mix and a toy poodle. Both think they are lap dogs, and pretty much are lap dogs. Though one, which shall remain nameless, is the biggest lap dog I've seen :).

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