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    My Mentor

    name: Dr. Dan Massey
    home university: Colorado State Univ
    university title: Associate Professor
    research interests:   Networks and Security
    research group: NetSec
    website: Prof Massey's Page
    email: massey [at] colostate [dot] edu
    About Dr. Massey

    Dr. Massey founded the NetSec Research Group at Colorado State University. At any given time, he is working on lots of interesting networks research projects with various graduate and PhD students (my coworkers). He is always there to help and give guidance. I think Massey is an AMAZING and wonderful teacher, researcher, project manager, role model, and - most importantly - mentor. If there were ever any doubts about picking networks as my area, he has definitely helped abolish them.

    Feel free to check out his page for more info HERE.

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