The Project Journal

Week 8: August 3 - August 9

The NASA Ames Research Centre trip was so much fun! It was very interesting to meet another research group, and see how different groups function. There was also a very cool person that had worked in the space shuttle program, and I got to hear lots of interesting stories about all that the NASA team needs to do to make the space program work. The papers presented were pretty cool, too! I just can't get over the fact that I was in NASA!

Not much happening on the research front, still. I was just about to asked to help another graduate student with his work, since I seemed to be running out of work, but Jiazhong is back now!

I've been playing around with Django, a content management framework that uses Python. Next semester, I am going to be student web developer at my college, and it is a job that apparently uses Django. I thought I'd get a headstart on learning it. I've made the beginnings of a handy poll application - I don't quite understand how everything works yet, but Django seems very cool!