The Project Journal

Week 8: August 17 - August 21

Goodbye, Santa Cruz :(. Unfortunately, I've had no extraordinary research breakthroughs in the last week, so not much to report. I was still a little shaken from my trip to Seattle, as well.

I'm back in Oberlin now, and I didn't realise how much I've missed it! I had a great time at Santa Cruz, though. It was such an illuminating experience working at a large research university like UCSC. Oberlin is a tiny college of 2,800 people with no graduate students (and I love that, very much), so it was a huge change.

I'm really thankful to the CRA and the DREU co-ordinators for giving me this fabulous opportunity to find out what graduate school is like. I got very lucky, being placed in Santa Cruz, and it's been an interesting summer.