Week 1

This week is just an introduction. I will be working with Heather Lipford an assistant Professor here at UNCC. Along with her, I will also be working with two graduate students, Jason Watson and Andrew Besmer, and another DMP student, Charisse Cotton. Our task so far is to just get reacquainted with FACEBOOK(because we both haven't used it in a long time). Our main focus is on the Privacy settings. And then we have to update the thesis statement so it would match the current interface of FACEBOOK.


Over the Weekend:

After finishing our work we had a meeting to decide what's our next step. Since this weekend was a holiday I went to Atlanta to be with family.

                                                                                                                            Week 2
This week we actually received concrete tasks. So far we have to update the code so it would have more functionality. My job is to handle the propagation between the different categories. The computer language used is Java. I am pretty familiar with Java so I think I'll do well. We also had to update the previous description of Facebook in an old article.

                                                                                                                             Week 3

This week was spent understanding the code. It was kind of confusing because it was just a big chunk of code. I had to go line by line to see what everything does. We finished updating the article so it could match the current Facebook.

                                                                                                                             Week 4

This week I started my coding tasks. First I looked at what the conditions I need to change in the old code. The old code propagates between Friends and Networks but we only want it stay within respected categories.  After some trial and error I still havenít figured it out I hope next week would be more productive.

         Week 5

This week I continued to struggle through my code so for I have the propagation working in the search panel but only part of the images showed up. I asked Dr. Lipford what could be the problem and after maybe an hour we found that the panel wasnít big enough. Itís amazing how something so simple as sizing could ruin the whole outcome. Hopefully next week I will be done with coding.

Week 6

This week I finally finished propagation with help of one of the Grad students in the lab. I am so happy that is out of the way. I think I was making it more complicating then it really was. We dropped in a couple of while loops, for loops and if statements and it was done. I picked up another task this week. I had to add an album functionality. The old code just had two albums and one lock button closed everything and I changed it so that each album had their own lock button functionality. My coding part is finally done and now we wait for Jasonís approval and update.

                                                                                                                          Week 7

 Our Code is in its final state!! Jason, the creator of Audience View, is currently adding the finishing touches. Now, we are currently planning the study. My job is to work with Charisse on getting some people to participate in the study and get some pre-setting setup on the Audience View and Facebook profiles.

Our plan is to get some of the other REU students to participate.  I also continued to write my finally paper.


This week we did a practice presentation in front of everyone participating in research this summer in Computer Science. My contribution was the outline of the slides and I also added some information to them. After the presentation, we passed out the signup sheet so we can get some participation.  We got ten people to sign up!!!


Over the Weekend:

Well this weekend was fourth of July weekend so I flew home for the weekend. I arrived Thursday in New Orleans. I was so excited to see my family and my boy friend. On Friday, my boy friend and I attended the Essence Music Festival. It was soooo much fun. J. Holiday, Rhianna, Chris Brown and Kanye West were there. On Saturday, I attended my cousinís baby shower. And finally on Sunday, I flew back to UNCC.


                                                                                                                            Week 8

This week we started our study. Things went so smoothly. The more I did it the easier it became.  We finished 9 people this week and we only have 11 left.

I also continued to write my Final Paper.


Over the Weekend:

This weekend was slow. We basically sat around and watched TV all day.  


                                                                                                                            Week 9

 This week all I did was continued writing my final paper. It was slow week for me.

Over the Weekend:
This week we all went to the Cheesecake Factory the food was great and we had lots of fun.                                     


                                                                                                                             Week 10
This week I finally finished my paper and this is my last week. Doing summer reasearch here at UNCC was very fun and I enjoyed meeting everyone in the program.