Evie Powell
REU Student at UNC- Charlotte
Contact: empowell@uncc.edu


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Week 4 Stuff

Week 7 Stuff

Week 8 Stuff

To play this game, simple extract the folder to a desired location and then run the Game.exe file.  If the game does not run properly you may have to install the correct runtime package.  You can find the needed files here.


Week 10 Stuff

Intro Scene. Princess celebrating her birthday.
The old man has "lost his memory"!
First mission. Unjumble the script in his head to fix his memory.
battles teach the player computer science material. Paige searched high and low for relevant questions to through into the battle sequences.
Egg Quest... Thank Jordan for this wonderful level!
Talk your way to the solution!
Why is the sky blue?
the most confusing of the quest.... my bad
Post Scripts to complete the print statement mission.
People ask you questions and give you prizes!
Get on the boat to visit the King
In Gargamel's Lair
Figure out the quicksort algorithm before the bomb explodes!


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