June 13, 2006


Evie’s To Do list this week:

(note to self- do NOT start on a new task until you have spent at least one day on it OR you complete the previously attempted task!!!)





1.                  Set up Unreal UDE for NPC scripting.  (review basics)]

2.                  Research getting NPC’s into the game that won’t kill you on sight.

3.                  Walk around with a normal looking character that is not carrying a gun.

4.                  Install The Sims 2 on laptop computer.

5.                  Screenshot tudor houses in Veronaville level of The Sims 2

6.                  Look into possibly building houses in the Sims to and exporting them to some other 3d modeling software (3d studio Max, Maya, Anim8or)

7.                  Redo the static mesh for the water surrounding the level.

8.                  Put windows and doors on all of the houses on the island.

9.                  Animate the doors and script them to open when you press the “action key”.

10.             Flesh out the quicksort (recursion) game idea.

11.             Come up with some new in-game coding ideas.  Create “screenshots” for powerpoint presentation.

12.             Finish quicksort powerpoint presentation.

13.             Redo the sky (research new ideas on creating seamless sky with less clutter.

14.             Create some new animations for game.  Check out a digital camera and record people in various poses.

15.             Make (bring in) physical props for recordings.

16.             Draw out some new character concepts.

17.             Throw this list and all other accomplishments on the website.


Ok, I think that’s enough for this week.  There’s no way in hell to do it all so let’s work towards completing 4 goals.  It may benefit you (me...) to work on goals that lead up to a big goal.  Let’s try to stop jumping around and focus on something, eh?  Good Luck!