Who are all these people you keep mentioning?

Here's a brief cast of characters that may come in handy when reading my journal:

  • Eliot Moss - a UMass professor of Comp Sci, and my official mentor. Ran the DaCapo meeting. Also, I think, an ordained minister. Working on RIRO.
  • Emery Berger - another UMass Comp Sci professor. In charge of the ALI lab's computers, which makes him the person to run to when they inevitably stop working. Working on RIRO.
  • Scott Kaplan - an Amherst College Comp Sci professor doing research at UMass over the summer. I've taken several classes with him, and am signed up for more next semester. He keeps saying things about them that make me nervous. (For example, "Hm. Why don't we make all the students trade code halfway through the project?") Working on RIRO.
  • Xin - my partner in the RIRO project. Just graduated from Amherst College, and will be going to Cornell for grad school in the fall (in computer science, of course.)
  • Sawa - my friend and roommate. Not involved in the RIRO project at all. Takes really nice photographs, though.

What is the DMP?

DMP stands for Distributed Mentor Program, the group responsible for funding my research at UMass this summer. Much more information can be found at the DMP website.

Where did this beautiful website come from?

It began with a template by Josh Powell, and ended with me messing around a lot with the CSS. Three cheers for open-source web design.