Vital Signs

My name is Laura Strickman. I'm originally from northern Virginia, but for the past few years I've been living in western Massachusetts, and I've grown quite fond of it-- despite the fact that its seasons transition directly from Way Too Cold to Way Too Hot, with only two or three days of Pleasant in between.

I'm interested in a lot of things. Computer science and fiction writing currently top the list (I've finished one novel and am working on another), followed closely by acting, fencing, reading, and flora and fauna.


I'm an undergraduate at Amherst College, and a member of the class of 2007, which makes me a rising junior.

I'm working on a double major in Computer Science and Theater and Dance. It's not as unusual as you might expect (although, yeah, it's pretty unusual.) I'm planning to write a joint thesis: a thrilling drama about the angst boiling beneath the placid surface of modern data structures.

No, not really.


Summer of 2005: CS Research internship at the University of Massachusetts

Summers of 2004, '03, and '02: CS Aid at the Naval Research Laboratory

2003 - Present: Webmaster of the Amherst Daily Jolt

2001: Teen Book Reviewer for Teen People Book Club

1997 - 2003: Volunteer at Hidden Pond Nature Center


I can be reached by email at (remove the "nospam" part.)