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CRA-W Distributed Mentor Program
Summer 2003
Christine Tan | Professor Sonia Fahmy at Purdue University

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Monday, August 11
I can't believe the summer's almost over already. Have to work on getting as much as possible done for what I've been working on this summer.

Had lunch with Sonia and Cristina Nita-Rotaru, a new faculty member in network security.

Wednesday, August 13
2:30pm Sonia's group meeting. Instead of discussing a paper, we each discuss what we have been working on this summer.

Friday, August 15
We are supposed to be having pictures taken in our lab to be used by the department, but there isn't anything very visually exciting about our lab, and the photographer is already burnt out from taking too many pictures of people working at computers. He takes some shots of 2 of the grad students pretending to argue in front of a computer monitor that is showing lots of green text moving very fast over a black background. Then there's nothing left to shoot so the photographer leaves to take pictures elsewhere.

Saturday, August 16
Day trip to Chicago. You can see the pictures here.