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CRA-W Distributed Mentor Program
Summer 2003
Christine Tan | Professor Sonia Fahmy at Purdue University

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Monday, August 4
Carla's reading group. Paper: Implementing and testing a virus throttle, Usenix 03 (www.hpl.hp.com/techreports/2003/HPL-2003-103.pdf) This is our 2nd to last meeting for the summer.

Tuesday, August 5
I'm thinking about how I can modify streams of packets in a trace avoid active fingerprinting, where an adversary inserts their own packets while the trace is being taken, and passive fingerprinting, where an attacker could identify a user by their unique patterns.

Wednesday, August 6
My turn to lead Sonia's group discussion today on the paper on trace anonymization:
A High-Level Programming Environment for Packet Trace Anonymization and Transformation.
Ruoming Pang (Princeton University), Vern Paxson (ICSI).
To appear in ACM SIGCOMM 2003, Karlsruhe (Germany, August 2003)

Met with Sonia after the group meeting.

Talk by a former grad student, Diego Zamboni, on the Intrusion Detection work going on at IBM Zurich Research Lab. Lots of information, but very interesting.

Thursday, August 7
Sent Sonia a list of all the possible trace transformations I have thought of, as well as what properties of the trace must be kept the same for each transformation.

Sonia sets the final deadlines for my packet sanitizer tool and my final report to be 8/22 and 8/18 respectively.