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My Mentors

A large portion of my success has been made possible by all my mentors. They have helped me every step of the way, giving me not only academic advice, but also given me the skills required to be a great computer scientist. Everything i have written and coded, is all possible with the guidance i recieved, so if i ever make it in life i want to thank all of them for making that possible.


Jory Denny
I want to thank Jory for being onee of if not the best mentor ive had. Jory was a tough mentor at first, and i tried hard to prove my competence as a programmer. He gave me academic advice as well as life tips. I really admired how he was able to get married and still obtain his Ph.D. Because of how tough Jory was, my partner and I were able to get second place at a poster competition at Texas A&M University.

Read Sandstrom
A great mentor i have is Read, mainly because i admire how much knowledge he has in general. Read is my go to person whenever i have a question that needs an answer and explanataion because Read always explains an answer so well he leaves no questions. He has taught me alot about computer science in the short mini lessons he gave on the white board. I hope to one day have as much potential as him.

Saurabh Mishra.
As far as the summer of 2016, Saurabh has been a great mentor. He has way of making everything, even complicated tasks, seem easy. Although it is not always the case, his lessons are quick, concise, and packed with coding knowledge I will apply later when needed. He knew about maps, which are so much more beneficial when it comes to quick data retrieval from a list of data. None of us had any idea maps existed, so thanks to Saurabh we were able to save so much computational resources and time.

Dr. Nancy Amato.
By far, the mentor that has had the most impact in my life has been Dr. Amato. She is an inspiration to every female computer scienctist because of everything she has accomplished. She has always intimidated me because of how well known she is and its not only a pleasure to work with her, its an honor. She oversees all of our activity, and pushes us to not just code something that wont have a fun outcome in the end. She understands that all work and no play makes her interns dull. She makes research a fun experience, and thanks to her, i am going to pursue a Ph.D. without a doubt in my mind. I have had a taste of research and i think it is such a rewarding thing to do as a computer scientist. Loving what you do is crucial in this field. Dr. Amato has a passion for computer science i wish to have myself. I want to thank her and the DREU program for making this summer research possible and a very memorable experience.

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