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My name is Eli Zamora, I am the one on the right in the picture above. I am 18 years old and I just graduated with my associates degree in computer science from South Texas College. I am about to start my junior year at The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. I am pursing a Ph.D. in computer science, although my field of interest is still unclear. I want to do something that could help change the world with computer science, from cyber security to reliable self- driving cars.

All of this research was made possible by the DREU program, and im glad i got the opportunity to work alongside Dr. Nancy Amato.

Above are some tabs that will take you to either my weekly journals, my previous or ongoing research, some pictures of me and other undergraduate researchers, my resume and my LinkedIn profile (add me as a connection on LinkedIn!) This is going to be my second summer doing research in the Parasol lab at Texas A&M University, all this has been possible because of Dr. Nancy Amato and i am glad that she has given me the opportunity to develop myself as a researcher.