Hello! Thanks for viewing my page! My name is Daniel Leal, and I have a twin brother, David!

I am currently attending Thelma R. Salinas STEM Early College High School. As a Senior in High School this is my of course my last year, and will be graduating in the year 2017. My school, however, is not an ordinary school, it is an Early College school. In this case, I will be graduating with an Associates of my choice from my local college, South Texas College. I am pursuing a Masters in Computer Science. I am quite knowledgeable myself with a few languages such as, C++, JAVA, Assembly, and HTML.

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You may be wondering, "What competition did you attend that you won 1st place!" Well good question my friend. February 2016, I attended a robotics competition in Texas A&M International University in Laredo. We used Lego Mindstorm Robots. The theme of the competition was Mission Mars. We had to make a video to promote our robot, and there was various challenges the robot had to go through in the event. We had to program the robot to go in a maze, and capture astronauts. So, we used an infrared sensor, and a color sensor. The infrared sensor would look for the open space where the robot can go through, and the color sensor would follow the black tape on the ground so the robot can escape the maze. There was three Astronauts in the maze and six Alien obstacles the robot had to avoid. Our robot was able to finish quickly and gather every single astronaut. The other challenge was just a path with loops, aliens, and astronauts. We were again able to finish fast and capture every astronaut. There was a total of 30 teams. It was a very competitive event, some even wanted to copy our code!! There was many talented teams, and I did not expect 1st place. In addition, we won Best Video Award. My role was the Lead Programmer, and I was able to achieve my goal, WIN! We were given so much recognition and awards. Our team was given a two week camp in Rice University, known as iDTech. In addition, we were awarded calculators, and another trip to Texas Tech, Texas Instruments, and Texas A&M University. However, I declined all of the offers and decided to attend DREU.

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Towards Autonomous Navigation and Assembly: Visual Localization - Final Report

Towards Autonomous Navigation and Assembly: Visual Localization - Poster

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