Hey there, my name is Anthony Enem. I am a Junior at Midwestern State University, majoring in Computer Science, and my Expected graduation date is May/August 2018.

My interests lie in problems that can be solved or related to computer science, and I am always enthusiastic to be a part of this changing field. I believe a collective effort is required to make change and I enjoy working with others to see one in the STEM field.

While not on school work, I spend my time leaning more about different algorithms and interesting math theories that I make use of in solving problems on uva.onlinejudge.org. I also spend some time on sporting activities (tennis), music and some gaming.

I am currently working as an undergraduate student researcher through the DREU program at Parasol labs, Texas A and M University, under the mentorship of Dr Nancy Amato, Postdoc researcher Shawna Thomas,, Phd Student Diane Uwacu and high school student Benjamin Porter. I am currently working on Motion planning, specifically on a Ligand binding project, with the purpose of computing good metrics to find a good binding pocket on a protein for a ligand.

My summer internship weekly progress can be found by clicking this page

My Final Project can be found by clicking here