Ronald Lopez
DREU 2014
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My research project is based on a drawing game developed in Android. The app is called, Draw This, similiar to "DrawSomething" but instead its a single player game where users are given objects at the beginning of the game. The object can either be an image or a text. The user draws the object and the drawing is automatically scored. The purpose of this research is to determine whether there are differences between the cognitive processes of production and recollection. We record drawing traces from the user's drawings. Then, try to find patterns in these traces to determine whether the users are creating an image or remembering one. Data will be collected throughout the entire game when the user launches the game, plays the game, and quits the game. The collection of data will be based on two profiles where one is the player profile and the other is the session profile. Player profile will be based on the user like the type of device they are using, the screen resolution, a survey they will take before the game, and if they are using a stylus. The session profile will contain the earned scores of the drawing, timestamps, button clicks, touch events and drawing patterns. Analyzing this collection of data that people go through will make it easier for us to see what players are thinking and how their minds function when they interact with mobile game applications.
The goals are to design the game within 1 week. Then, implement the game within 3 weeks. Next, test and check for bugs as well as letting actual users test the game and give feedback about it in 1 week. Finally, analyzing and collecting data for 2 weeks.