DREU Summer 2011
Chris Brown

Research Projects and Goals

My summer research was done at the Robotics Lab in the Computer Science Department at Brown University. Over the summer, I worked with my mentor, Professor Chad Jenkins, several grad students, and 4 other undergraduate interns in this lab. The purpose of our research is to discover ways to improve and develop the interaction between robots and human users. In our first meeting, Dr. Jenkins outlined four different projects that we would be working on this summer to accomplish this goal. These projects include: operating a robot with an iPhone application; operating a robot on the Internet using Processing programming language, which is an easier high-level language for users to learn who would like to use programming for art; operating a robot using Scratch, which is an educational computer programming tool to introduce programming to kids; and creating ways to use ROS with different graphic interfaces (rosbridge) that are easier for users to use instead of Linux. The project that I chose to work on for the summer was using Scratch to program robots. Also, near the end of the internship, we began looking at different uses and applications for rosbridge through the Internet (controlling a robot in a different location on your computer from a website) in our everyday lives and developed a project to display this.

My Information

  • Name: Dwayne Christian Brown, Jr. (Chris)

  • School: Duke University
  • Major: Computer Science
  • Class of 2013
  • Hometown: Rock Hill, SC
  • Email Address: dwayne.brown AT duke.edu

Professor Chad Jenkins

My Mentor's Information

Weekly Journal

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