Personal Information

Jennifer Yang

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

University of Washington

Seattle, WA 98033


Looking Glass

The Looking Glass (the successor to Storytelling Alice) is a 3D programming environment which provides a fun context for learning to program and support for children to learn from each other's programs. The goal of the Looking Glass is to enable many children without access to formal computer science courses to learn basic computer programming construct.

My Contribution

Code Adaptation

The goal of Code Adaptation is to identify and support the processes novice programmers engage in when trying to adapt code from a source to fit their needs. Novice programmers engage in many different learning activities and one of them is using example code to meet the specific goals. We're exploring the steps they go through when identifying code that may be useful to them and then how they adapt that code to suit their needs. To investiage these practices, we are coducting user studies with novices and the Alice environment. The end goal is to augment Alice with an interface which supports novices in adapting code.

Please visit Paul Gross's website to learn more about Code Adaptation. Paul Gross is the Ph.D student that will also be helping me along on the Looking Glass. Click here to visit his website.