About Me

My name is Holly Williams. I'm an undergraduate computer science major at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. I plan to graduate December 2011. For summer 2010, I participated in the DREU program at Texas A&M University doing undergraduate research. My faculty mentor was Dr. Valerie Taylor of the TAMU Computer Science and Engineering department where she is the department head. Her research interests lie in the area of high performance computing, performance analysis and modeling of parallel and distributed applications. I also worked with Dr. Xingfu Wu who does research in web-based performance analysis systems, performance evaluation and modeling, parallel and grid computing, and databases.

The Research Project

For summer 2010, I worked with a computational biology application, MrBayes doing performance analysis. The program was parallelized using MPI, but has been more recently made hybrid using OpenMP and MPI. The goal was to compare and analyze the performance of both versions.

Contact Info

You can contact me at hlly.williams@yahoo.com

Snow in Birmingham

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