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DREU Final Report

This page contains the abstract for my DREU final report. For the full report, visit one of the links at the bottom of this page.


Over the last few years, touch screens have become more prevalent not only in household appliances but also in smartphones, PDA's, and computers. These devices, particularly smartphones, have many features and applications at a reasonable price that would be useful to the blind; however, the touch screens on early versions of such devices rendered them unusable by the blind. Touch screens, without any additional software or hardware, are inaccessible to the blind because they do not provide verbal output to convey where controls are located on the screen or what control the user has selected; those touch screens that do have verbal feedback often do not allow the user to explore the screen without activating any of the controls. The Talking Tap Twice Technique addresses this problem on the Android smartphone by providing a self-voicing interface upon which programmers can build their applications. The Talking Tap Twice also defines an input method which allows the user to explore the screen and allows the programmer to control the exact output.

Full text of DREU final report: